Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Something lately has puzzled me.  The Kindle version of Science Fiction Trails has been outselling issue 7 over issue 10 (the newest)  Seven isn't nearly as good as ten.  Ten is about 30% bigger and has better stories. I kept wondering why people have been downloading the older issue. Then I realized that, being an older issue, the price is less.  People have been buying it because it is cheap.  Content isn't really as much of a factor as getting it cheap.  Neither issue is very expensive, in my opinion. But, anything to save fifty cents. 
Some of the older issues are out of print.  That's mainly due to a change of printers.  Issue six starts with the current printer.  Issue 6 was actually the first one to be sold as both a print and ebook. Of course Issue 7 does have a dinosaur on the cover.

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