Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Crossing Guards

Well school is back in session.  As I was driving by one of the many schools in the area, I noticed there were no crossing guards out in front of the school, even though quite a few kids were present.  I went by another school a few minutes later and noticed the same. I don't know if they couldn't hire enough or they've just given up due to never ending budget problems.
Back when I was in school we had crossing guards.  But, we never had school nurses. I never saw a nurse in school during the 12 years I attended--not ever. There was no such thing as a school nurse. I've noticed some of the school districts around Denver are debating getting rid of nurses as they claim they can no longer afford them. 
This is a roundabout way to say I think our public schools are a disgrace.  It's not about teachers. It's about the environment.  And nothing has improved since I went to school many years ago.  We cut things like art to save money, even though kids who learn art do much better on math test scores.  Whether it's crossing guards or nurses, the fact is going to school is not fun or pleasant.  I sat around for 12 years dearly hating every second of it.  It was so damn boring. And most of what I learned I taught myself.  It sure didn't come from the teachers. Most of them couldn't teach. 
At least crossing guards help keep you from getting run over. 

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