Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ah, paperwork

I last tried to refinance my house two years ago.  I sent in the paperwork and nothing happened. I called the company and all I got was voice mail, none of which was ever returned. In short, nothing ever happened.  It amazes me that I can get a credit card in seconds, but home financing is a whole nuther game.  Anyway, I just sort of gave up and now thought I try again.  I'm astonished at why they need my tax returns for the past four years. Past income has nothing to do with current ability to pay. I think some places just like to snoop.  There's other things I don't think they need and some things they seem indifferent to that I think are relevant.  In short, I'd be amazed if this ever closes.  I don't feel at all good about it.

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