Friday, October 25, 2013


One thing I spend an inordinate amount of time on is books. More specifically, why people will buy one book and not another one.  The subject came up again more than once at the recent con I said I will no longer talk about. Case in point: Six Guns Straight From Hell.  The book was a steady seller. I had to take it out of print recently as the contracts with the authors expired.  Another book, Low Noon, had very similar content with a lot of the same authors, yet it's never sold well.  Why? Hell I don't know why. 
I've been submitting to a lot of anthologies the past few weeks.  I don't if my stuff will be selected. And more baffling, I don't know if those anthologies will be successful. I've been disappointed more often than pleased with the sales of the books I've been published in.  And I really don't know why one book sells and another does not. is it cover art?  Is it distribution? Is it price?  I just don't know.

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