Thursday, October 3, 2013

New Story Out

I have a new story out in Tales of the Talisman issue 9.1. It's called "Mr. Walker." I haven't yet gotten my copy of it.  I was able to access the first page of my story and the art on with their look inside feature.  All I can say is the story's illustration art is totally awesome. I just love it. 
Anyway, "Mr. Walker" is the guy the mob calls in when they're having problems of a paranormal nature.  In this adventure Walker is sent to a haunted house to retrieve some property.  I hope to eventually publish more adventures for Mr. Walker. 
I have a long history with this magazine and have appeared in it often.  It's really a consistently good publication.  I don't think it gets the respect it deserves.  People need to buy things like Tales of the Talisman if they claim to love speculative fiction. If they don't, we may someday have nothing to read but celebrity stories about some guy's drug problem put out by the commercial publishers and the self published crap that is flooding the marketplace.  Semi pro magazines are having a rough time these days.   Trust me--buy a copy. It's worth it.  It's available on Amazon right this minute.

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