Thursday, October 24, 2013

One More Lament about Mile Hi Con

I’ve been rattling on about Mile Hi Con since I got back.. Well, this will be the last posting on the matter. I already have said I only attended part of the con and had to return home to go to work,which is 100 miles away from Denver. This turned out to be really frustrating because I would’ve liked to have stayed there, and not just because the con seemed especially fun this year.

One thing I’ve noticed over time is the gender ratio at science fiction cons seems to be changing. Ten years ago it was hugely male to female–perhaps three to one. That has changed and the disparity has closed considerably, though I lack any official stats. Heck, at steampunk cons I suspect women actually outnumber men. My point is simply these were not historically places to pick up girls. The numbers have not worked for that. So I was amazed that I met someone I was really impressed with. Although I don’t think she was particularly impressed with me, I could not try to buy her a drink at the bar or stalk her for the rest of the con because I had to leave. And, since she’s from out of state, I’m not likely to see her again. I is bummed a bit about this. More than a bit.

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