Saturday, October 12, 2013

Taste Tests

Canned tomato soup.  The store brands are half as much as Campbell's. I doubt anyone could tell the difference in a blind taste test. Yet people all go for the national brand.

I once had a blind taste test to see if I could tell the difference between red bananas and yellow ones.  The red ones are sweeter. I had no trouble telling.  But, alas, I wanted some red bananas but the chain grocery stores ain't got none. People won't buy them.  They're afraid of them.  Back when I lived at home my dad would not eat red bananas. He wouldn't even try one.

When I lived in Oregon (a major potato growing state) I had some red potatoes. No one would eat them.

Also in Oregon I got a hold of some blue corn meal. I made some cornbread. No one I knew would even taste it. They were all afraid.

I wish I knew how to run a restaurant.  I'd make french fries out of blue potatoes.  And nobody would eat them.

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