Monday, November 11, 2013

Awards Versus Rewards?

I think AMC’s The Walking Dead is absolutely the best episodic horror production that I have ever seen–bar none. So, I was recently looking over the past few years recipients of the Stoker Awards. It wasn’t the lack of any awards to The Walking Dead that bothered me so much as the fact that the screenplay category went to what I felt were vastly inferior productions. It is a writing award, so it’s strictly the screenplay category here.

That is sort of the problem with these awards. Whether they’re the Stokers or the Nebulas or the Hugos, they all tend to be sort of a popularity contest as much as an objective assessment of their contribution to the craft. Whoever is popular with the voting membership has a distinct advantage. I think that’s even true to some extent of the big awards like the Oscars. But somebody has to make these decisions. Or they could just stop giving out awards–like that would ever happen. So, I guess I’ll keep watching The Walking Dead and hoping it gets the awards it deserves. Damn that show is good.

For the record, I am an active voting member of the HWA, which hands out the Stoker Awards. I’m not really attacking the Stokers, just complaining that the stuff I like never seems to win anything.

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