Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dog's Doctor

The other day I ripped the latest Dr. Who special. I'm sure some of the fans called up their voodoo witch doctor to place a curse on me. Seriously, a mysterious rash formed on my leg just after my comments posted.  Well, after surviving a nearly deadly fungal infection a few years ago, I have prescription anti fungal medicines on hand.  Take that voodoo spell casters. The rash was quickly vanquished.
I meant what I said.  So, live with it.
Now, moving forward, I don't know what the new Doctor will be like.  But, I think the Doctor should get a dog. In the old series Tom Baker ran around with a mechanical dog called K-9.  I think the Doctor should get a real dog that can bark at people--preferably one that likes to wear goggles.   And I'd like for Clara to run around in skimpier outfits. That should do it. 


  1. LMAO,
    I think a dog would go a long way in that series. Must be a Border Collie though :)


  2. One of my favorite companions was Frobisher, a shape shifter who most often appeared as a talking penguin. I think he's due for an appearance in the live action series. (He's been in the comics and the Big Finish audios). He could even appear as a dog with goggles.