Monday, November 11, 2013

Haunted Hotel?

Right before Halloween I retold some creepy things that happened at a hotel I used to work at.  What I've been silent about is the hotel I currently work at.  I never really heard much of a haunted nature until recently.  And I'm not mentioning the hotel because I'm not sure how the company will react to the allegation that it may be haunted. Employees have been hearing whistling and there is nobody there. Disembodied voices talking to some employees.  And last week I heard someone stomping around on the fourth floor--and it was loud. I was on the floor below and it sounded like someone was stomping up and down the hallway.  Thing is, there was no one at all staying on that floor. And I went up there and found no one. So who or what was stomping around up there?  Stay tuned...

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