Thursday, November 7, 2013

Man With Beard

Back in July I shaved off the beard I'd had since March of 2010. Why? I just decided to.  I noticed two things when I had the beard. Country Buffet kept wanting to give me the senior discount, even though I was not old enough.  The second thing I noticed was, if I wore my dark sunglasses,  a lot of the local Mexicans thought I was a home boy and insisted I speak Spanish. Not only did the Mexicans think I was a Mexican, but so did local law enforcement.  They would often pull up in the other lane on the freeway and sort of hover there--obviously checking me for warrants or perhaps to see if I had insurance, all the while thinking I didn't know they were there. Surprised that I was not wanted anywhere and my car was not stolen, they would drive on.

Thing is, since I got rid of the beard, no one from law enforcement pays me any mind as I tool along in my Ford.  And, the people at Country Buffet charge me full price--no more senior discounts. So, in retrospect, I guess the solution to life's problems is not have a beard.

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