Saturday, November 2, 2013

Postage Due

Back when I lived in California I had a friend named Ramon. He ran a small business making fishing lures. One of his best customers was some place in Louisiana. I was curious why he always shipped the order by Express Mail.  I asked him what was so urgent about fishing lures? "Nothin," was his reply. Turned out he used Express Mail because it was free.  He said the Postal Service had never once delivered an Express Package on time, so he just filed claims and kept getting his money back.
Well, my situation as a publisher isn't quite the same, but I was pleased when the Postal Service added free insurance to their Priority Mail service. Delivery date is still not guaranteed, but loss or damage is. I've found about 10% of the packages I've shipped in the last year have never arrived. Yesterday I filed my second claim for a missing package.  I have this feeling I'll be filing more of them. The damned Post Office has a hell .of a thieving problem in the Denver sorting facility. That seems to be where most of the missing stuff drops off the end of the world and is never seen again. At least I can recoup my losses now.  I've never used Express Mail, I guess I could try it. Ramon swore by it. Free mail is sure tempting.

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