Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Martians Aren't Coming

I've lamented before that I can never figure out why some issues of Science Fiction Trails, where I am head honcho, are fairly popular and some are total duds.  Issue 8 is by far the most popular issue. It has a very colorful cover, but we haven't seen a correlation to covers that much in the past. For a long time our first issue, with a clipart cover, was the best seller.  The 9th issue was our Martian issue.  It's been a total dud. People don't seem to want to read about Martians.  I don't know why. I love Martians.  Issue 10, in case anyone's wondering, has sold way more copies than number 9. 
So, I guess I'll go on wondering.  Black Friday offer for half price on number 10 continues through the end of the week. That's darn near cost.
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