Monday, December 23, 2013

All Right Then

I got a letter from a crooked publisher that I've talked about in some past postings. He's no longer going to be publishing fiction. How nice. I find it astonishing that he really believes he actually has the rights to publish anything. He's broken every contract he's had with every writer he's dealt with.  He refuses to even send out earnings statements. Most people who've dealt with him have never been paid a dime.  I've only been paid a few cents for the three stories in three anthologies that I made the mistake of getting involved with. I actually started laughing when I read the letter.  I found it oddly funny that he still thinks people take him seriously as a publisher and he's all wore out from doing nothing. 

What amazes me is not that he's a crook, not that he's convinced himself he's a good guy and his business just went south--it's that everyone let him get away with it.  I only had a few stories. Others had books and we're talking considerable money.  I even had a standing offer for the past two years that I would serve him at no cost if anyone would just take this guy to court. No one ever took me up on it.  If I had more money involved, I would've sued him and subpoenaed the sales records of the company that distributes his books. 

I won't mention the name, even though I'd like to.  I'll just add that I have never had a good experience with a small publisher concerning a book deal and I have two unpublished novels that may never see print because of  my experiences.

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