Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Every Single Year

Well, now that the commercial orgy of Christmas is winding down, I'll  remind the world that this place would be much better off if everyone would just blindly do what I tell them. In the meantime, I'll share an observation that everyone will ignore.

Every single blasted year the news media, regardless of whether it's a network show or local broadcast, chirps into the never ending whining that holiday sales are in some way not up to snuff. What's not being said is the fact that sales will never be up to snuff.  People don't shop the way they used to. The world of going to Macy's on Miracle on whatever street they're on is long gone. People are not going whole hog and overbuying like they used to. It's not coming back. Sure they'll buy gifts, and like to have a special meal and may even throw a holiday gathering. But they're not buying nearly as much crap they don't need. They look long and hard at prices. And just buying everything and paying it off in July is not as popular. And that ain't going to change anytime soon. So, the retail world needs to get off its addiction to Christmas shopping and manage their inventories and hire people who aren't total morons and there are too many stores in this country. The good old days are gone. And that's the way it is. And the reporters and talking heads need to realize this and stop parroting what the retail stores PR departments are spewing out.

And, by the way, two new stores have joined my long list of places I won't patronize because they've pissed me off.

By the way, Santa Claus stiffed me.  Not only did he not bring me that cute redhead I like, but he didn't bring me anything at all.

Merry Christmas everybody. 

How'd you like to be two years old and wake up seeing this guy standing next to your bed?
How would you like to be 2 years old and wake up with this guy standing by your bed "watching you?"

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