Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I was looking for something I wrote last year, but I just can't find it. It was a Christmas card I made all by myself.  And I just can't find it.  That's something that's disappearing; Christmas cards. I remember back in the old days growing up in California, our mailbox would be stuffed with Christmas cards of all types.  There would be the foil embossed one from my uncle [always foil embossed] and the religious cards, and the ones with Santa and the ones with some sort of  tree on them. I always seemed to like the ones with the Christmas trees the best. 
Over time, after my parents retired, the amount of Christmas cards dwindled significantly. I don't know how many cards my dad now sends out or gets, but I suspect it's a tiny fraction of what it once was. This year's cards he sent out are really cool looking. They've got a wolf on them. It's a radical departure for him.  I was impressed.
My cards, well, they were mostly the three wise men.  I sent out a few with a Christmas tree on them. And this leads me back to last year's cards. They had an alien with antennae on its head standing by a decorated tree. The verse was "May your holidays be out of this world." Nobody liked them. Nobody at all.  I went back to regular cards.
So, that's the way it is. 

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