Thursday, December 26, 2013

They Say

They say most of the charitable giving comes in December.  They say there's a tax angle to it.  Well, last Tuesday I gave the Salvation Army 37 cents.  It had nothing to do with taxes. That's what change I had in my pocket, so I tossed it into the red kettle.  Which leads me to the question, if I were to make my own red kettle and stand at some well travelled area ringing a bell,  I wonder how much money I would make. I'm not really planning such an endeavor, though I wonder if people actually try this.
I note that our local Kroger store was open on Christmas. I think companies should give their employees a break. Stop being so greedy and let people have a day off.
Finally, my last thoughts on the Christmas past--I really wanted some pancakes.  I didn't have any pancake mix. I didn't go to the store [see above commentary] so I just did without pancakes. I'll eat some pancakes today.  But, alas, the stores around here no longer carry the blueberry ones. Those were my favorites.

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