Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Finishing Touches

The year is going to be busy for publishing projects at Science Fiction Trails, where I am publisher. I've been trying to organize the parameters of a new horror anthology.  I was reluctant to take on a new project, but the market seems to be getting stronger again.  Last year, my best selling product went out of print--Six Guns Straight From Hell. I think the time may be ripe for a new volume two. So, I've been going over the guidelines and trying to work up a timetable. More details on that soon.

The next issue of Science Fiction Trails, issue 11, is next up in the lineup.  It's basically awaiting a final proofreading and the cover art.  I really like this issue. It may be the best one yet.

And, Steampunk Trails 2 will open for submissions in a couple of weeks.

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