Friday, February 7, 2014

Directions From Bizarro Land.

I once, many years ago, purchased an electric barbecue grill. The instructions were mostly in Korean. The English instructions were "Put parts together, then turn on grill." That was it.  Well, the parts didn't even fit together.  Needless to say, it was never used.  I think I lost the receipt and the whole fiasco went into the trash dumpster.  So, we say people should follow directions when, in reality, they can't because they don't know how to read Korean. So, to my surprise, I got a story submission yesterday. It was for Science Fiction Trails, which I edit. And, said magazine is closed to story submissions. This brought an emailed rejection. To my dismay, it came back again today.  Yes, it was resubmitted the day after I sent it back. The accompanying email said it had been re-written to comply with my suggestions.  There weren't any suggestions.  I never even looked at the story. I sent a terse message that we're not open to submissions. Therefore, how was it re-written? 

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  1. I think some internet gremlin altered your original rejection before it arrived, adding directions like: dialogue should be Shakespearian by way of Valley Girl speak, main character should be a purple dinosaur, and story should contain at least one reference to bacon on each page. So the poor author, desperate to be published at all costs, immediately rewrote his story to comply.