Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dish Washers

Back in the 1800s if you said you had a dish washer people would think you meant you had an employee who washed your dishes.   But, this certainly is not the 1800s. I rather like my dishwasher.  You just put dishes and cutlery in the racks and turn it on. And then you have clean dishes.  I just hate washing dishes.  Cannot stand it.  So, I'm delighted to let a machine do this for me.   Growing up, we never had a dishwasher where we lived.  I didn't have to wash dishes, though.  My mom always hated the crappy job I did washing them. Now, and this is still true, I did not set out to do a crappy job washing dishes. But, no matter how long I wash them, they always come out crappy looking.  I seem to have no talent for this, whatsoever.  

This leads us to the question of the day. What did cave men and cro magnon people eat off of?  Did they use rocks, or logs, or did they make an early version of china to eat off of. I guess I'll never know.  

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