Saturday, February 8, 2014

More From Bizaro Land

No, I didn't get the story from yesterday back again. No, this time someone posted on this blog by way of Goodreads (they're linked). It was in a language I did not recognize, going on about I have no idea. I deleted it. I'm increasingly tempted to change my blog to not allow comments.  I'm getting tired of the strange nonsense that pops up here. The strange nonsense should be limited to my stuff.

Caught a new review of Space Pirates. This is a fairly old anthology that I have a story in. The review completely ripped the book.  Gave it one star and said nothing in it was worth reading.  Well, people have a right to their opinion.  But, this book isn't that bad.  When does a review become a vindictive hit piece? Apparently, yesterday. I guess everyone has a right to an opinion.  

Of course I'm not allowed to an opinion. If I review a book, I get a boilerplate form letter disallowing my review. I'm never given an actual reason and going over the boilerplate from Amazon there is nothing I wrote that violated their rules.  I no longer even bother to review anything, since it'll be struck down anyway. If only there were some consistency. If only they'd provide an actual reason. Not gonna happen.

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