Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Then There's Cons

Cons don't like me. I'm talking about the conventions that take place on just about any weekend around the country. Some focus more on costuming as others concentrate on media. Some of them focus on horror and others steampunk or science fiction. Some are large while others are small. But, they seem to have one thing in common. They don't like me.  I've lost count of how many cons have snubbed me. But it's a lot of them.

I'm a published author (although I know people are astonished to learn that). I'm an active member of the HWA.  I've edited scores of things.  I'm the publisher of two, count them two, genre related magazines.  Yet, cons overwhelmingly seem to want nothing to do with me.  

Of course, this year I've effectively given up. I'm, no longer soliciting cons. I'm tired of pounding my head into the wall.  I was invited to one con, Leprecon in Phoenix. I look forward to attending it. And that may be it for the entire year.  

Writers and artists and others in the trade go to cons because it's a great opportunity to meet new fans, find out about the latest trends, see old friends, meet other professionals and have a little fun.  They're also fairly expensive. It's not the cons themselves, it's the travel and lodging expenses that become an issue. And, in my case, it's not always easy to get weekends off from my day job. So, one can certainly buy a ticket and attend these cons. But, believe me, I've sat on both side of the participation tables, and being a programming participant is way way way different than just attending one of these things.

So, this year I won't have to worry about scraping up the funds to go anywhere. Yay. 

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