Monday, February 10, 2014

Walking away

Writers who are struggling to get published will be shocked at what I have to say today. In the past week I’ve walked away from three anthologies.  That’s three anthologies where they accepted stories from me and I walked away from them.  The most recent one was yesterday when I refused to accept the proposed edits.  One of the biggest problems in writing is when an editor crosses the line and goes from editor to trying to re-write the story the way “they like it.” In the projects I’ve edited I’ve been criticized for not editing aggressively enough. Here, when changes seem arbitrary and not rooted in any style directory I’ve ever seen, I have to decide if I want to play or take my ball and go home.  In other words, I lost all confidence in the editor’s ability to edit. 

The other two were contract issues.  One of the collections was billed as a print anthology. When the offer came, it had morphed into an ebook.  Now, I have no objection to ebooks, but when you promise one thing and abruptly change gears, I lose confidence quickly in the ability to publish it at all. So, I walked away.

And the third project had language that basically said they could republish the book in other languages without any additional compensation.  Excuse me?  I’m not sure if that’s what they meant, but that’s what they said. So, I walked away.

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