Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I noticed with some interest that one of the major national park concessionaires announced their applications for seasonal workers are down.  For the past few years they've gotten bumper crops of application as work has been so hard to find. Now they're dropping to pre recession levels.  Another way of looking at this is not everyone wants to drive halfway across the country to work for minimum wage for three to six months.

Some years ago I worked a couple of these jobs.  I have fond memories of one and the other--not so much. Although living in some of these places is really cool, that's often offset by crappy food, deplorable slum-like housing and very low pay. Which is why I haven't done that for quite some time. I simply decided it was not worth bothering with.  Although, as I get older, maybe I'll get me an RV and join the senior crowd and view it as a cheap place to park my RV for the summer. This type of work is heavily dominated by college students and retirees. 

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