Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Issue

One of the foolhardy things I do is edit a magazine called Science Fiction Trails. Well, we're about to release issue number 11.  Since it's an annual, well it's been around a while.  It's managed to pay its way, but it's never really caught on either.  Over the years it's gotten bigger--the new issue is full sized and over 100 pages. The first few issues were half of that.  

Back when we started we got slammed because "science fiction must take place in the future."  We don't see that nonsense anymore. We've been baffled why reviewers compare us head-to-head with ultra dark horror publications when we don't run any straight up horror.   Through all of this, I've kind of shrugged and just continued to keep putting out issues. The size of the stories has risen. They now average over 6000 words, Most small magazines run stories around the 2 to 3k length.  I don't really know why this is, just that it's a trend that started a few years ago. So there are fewer stories, and each of them is fairly long. 

So, our 11th issue will be releasing in a few weeks.  It'll be available in print and Kindle.  And we'll hope people buy it.  We tried something new this time, we've got a section called the Wild West Writing Challenge where we asked writers to tell a story about a gunfight in less than 300 words. I thought it was kind of fun, and a nice counter to all of the long fiction in the magazine.  

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