Wednesday, April 2, 2014


       Senior Training Officer William “Buzz” Montgomery bit down on the raspberry-filled doughnut. “Ah. Now that is a little piece of heaven.”
       Rookie police officer Yvette Murphy was lamenting her choice of a sugar doughnut, as little white spots were now all over her navy blue uniform.  She hadn’t wanted one at all, but Buzz had insisted.
       “Now, the most important thing I can teach you is to avoid those chain places and get your doughnuts here at Homey’s.” He glanced over at Homey’s bakery. “Best doughnuts in town, and I’ve eaten doughnuts at every place there is.” He took another bite, then washed it down with a sip of milk. “Milk goes with doughnuts. Your coffee there, while nice on a cold night, just doesn’t wash down something this good the way ice cold milk does.
        Yvette sipped her coffee. “Maybe you’re right.” The coffee actually was pretty good.
      “Rookie, you’ve got a lot to learn about doughnuts. They’re a staple for the law enforcement community. Captain Mason likes those dreadful cake things.  Sergeant Mendoza, on the other hand, likes a plain glazed. It’s important to remember that if you’re working desk duty.”
        At that moment a black youth in his early teens ran down the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street. He was being chased by a Chinese man in a cook’s uniform who was wielding a large cleaver and shouting something in Mandarin. “Uh, Buzz...”
        “Now, around Halloween, Homey will offer an orange glazed doughnut that is simply out of this world. That’s why everyone wants this beat in October,” he said between bites.
         The Chinese cook and the teenager disappeared around the corner.
          “Now, in the spring they put out a St. Patrick’s Day doughnut that’s mint flavored. I never cared much for it.” Buzz swallowed his last bite and slammed down the remains of his 8 ounce carton of milk.  "Sometimes, I get the 16 ounce cartons of milk. Damn, that was good.”
          Yvette noticed the teenager was now running back up the street in their direction. The Chinese cook was right on his heels.
          Buzz suddenly threw open the door to his patrol car. Both the teenager and his pursuer bounced off the door and fell to the ground. Buzz got out of the car and kicked away the cleaver. “Now, what’s all this, then?”

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