Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Message From Beyond

Well, I got a form letter from some agent yesterday.  That's nothing new.  What really impressed me was it took a full year to get it. Yep, it took this guy a full year to throw away my query letter and put a form letter in a self addressed envelope. A full year, this took.  Agents are little more than parasites.  I've given up on trying to get one.  Apparently, they haven't given up on getting rid of me, though.  

On a somewhat related note, I'm owed over a thousand dollars from places that won't pay me. This includes publishers and book stores where I consigned stuff.  Lesson learned here--don't consign stuff.  Also, don't publish anything. Just sit in your basement with a shotgun on your lap waiting for the zombie apocalypse. You'll be much better off.    

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