Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Morons From the Great Beyond

I'm in the process of reading for a horror anthology.  I am simply astonished at the number of writers who refuse to put contact information on the manuscript. No address. No email. No phone number. Nothing. What is wrong with these people?  I don't know about other places, but when I get crap like this it's automatic rejection.  If they can't even take the time to put together a professional submission, then I'm not going to waste my time reading it. "Just reply to the email."  Well, sometimes story files and emails get separated, so there ain't no email no more.  

And, you'd think this was a problem with novice writers. Guess again.  I've even had so-called pro writers pulling this crap. There is something called a standard manuscript format.  There are a few variations of it, but all convergences stress the need to include contact info, rights offered, word count and such on the manuscript. But, I'm seeing more and more crap that contains none of it.  I don't know what's behind this other than the general decline of society and such.  But if anyone thinks that's going to impress some editor, they've been hanging out a little too much at the local marijuana dispensary. One theory I have is the heavy use of critiquing.  "Well, that's how I send it to my critique circle."  Guess what, I ain't in your critique club. 

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