Saturday, April 26, 2014


I used to write poetry. That was some time ago.  My one rule was I always wrote the poems in five minutes or less. Well, one poem I rather liked was "Saucerama." It's in a little collection of stories and poems called Flying Saucer Stories.  Alas, nobody ever buys it.  So, I was going to reprint it here and then I realized I don't seem to have any copies of it any longer. Then I remembered it's also on Kindle. So, here it is. And if you like it, all of the stories and poems are available tomorrow, Sunday, April 27th for free on Kindle. Just go to Amazon and download it.


They see him here.
They see him there.
Seems he’s just about everywhere.

Zooming through the sky
Landing on the moon.
Playing chicken with pilots.

The little green man
and his silver flying saucer
sailing through the sky.

Is he from Mars?
Perhaps Venus?
Or just a Russian spy?

There he goes.
I’ve got the picture.
Oh, it’s just a paper plate

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