Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cafe poison

I've been aware for some time that a certain individual keeps attacking some of the projects I've worked on in various online reviews. This person is a coward--hiding behind pseudonyms, and different ones at that. I began to figure out these seemingly disparate reviews were the work of the same person due to some common language that keeps popping up,  coupled with a near illiteracy in writing the reviews. A good review should give examples of why something is so. So a continuing attack on me, the editor, is actually an unusual approach--no matter how lacking in talent I may be. Poorly written unsubstantiated attacks stick out to the cynical eye of someone who has done as much editing as I have.  So, while I am now convinced these hit pieces are the work of somebody with a personal grudge, rather than an actual review, I am still no closer to learning the identity of my would-be assassin. That's, unfortunately, the price of publishing stuff. 

So, if it is a personal grudge, stop hiding behind anonymous reviews.  I'll gladly fight you or shoot it out in a duel anytime you like--whoever you are.

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