Saturday, May 24, 2014

Don't believe it

I've long maintained that a lot of what passes for news these days is simply garbage.  Yesterday I got a call from a pollster.  As we got into the questions, I was astonished the pollster was actually eating something. That's incredibly unprofessional. The first few questions were phrased oddly. Then we got to the Keystone Pipeline. She wanted to know if I thought it should be built.  I said I don't know. Then, it got really unprofessional. She insisted I have to answer yes or know. I said I don't have to,  that I had mixed feelings about it. Anyway, when you're arguing with the pollster, that's simply bizarre. I had this happen last year one time, so I simply hung up.

Yet, someone, probably a republican funded PAC (based on the way they seemed to be pressing me to answer) will think they have real data when they really have nothing but garbage. They didn't care about my opinion, I was just a data point to be manipulated.  This used to be really common in the fifties and sixties. It was called push polling.  And the results would be released and then often picked up by mainstream media who can't be bothered to look at their own data, if they actually had any.  That's what brought about the "Dewey Wins" headline back when Truman was elected.  The trend had been to more scientific polling methods. to avoid this. But there still seems to be a seedy undercurrent that is not interested in what people actually think--only giving out a preordained result.  Completely cynical and corrupt. 

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