Friday, May 30, 2014

Paranormal TV

I watch too many paranormal TV shows--the ones where they go out and look for Bigfoot, Mothman, or some ghost.  As I watch them, it occurs to me most of the scenes could easily be faked.  One show in particular just seems way too good to be true.  I won't mention which one because, even though I'm right, I have little to be gained from a protracted legal fight.  Anyway this particular show, I believe, is fabricating their encounters. Yet these shows are being presented to the viewer as true adventures--not fiction.  I suppose the thinking is if you're dumb enough to watch... Well, I know I'm getting fleeced and I watch anyway.

The UFO shows tend to be really bad about playing with the facts.  Two in the past week both mentioned the Aurora, Texas crash and they were both completely wrong.  I've read everything I can get my hands on about that one--including the original newspaper clipping. So, is it entertainment for the gullible or a serious attempt to find out what's out there?   Alas, I think it is the former.

And the sad thing is there are so many unanswered questions on these subjects. People really do see things that aren't there. I really have dealt with ghosts. And so on. I'll put my soap box away for a while. It doesn't do any good anyway. 

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