Friday, May 16, 2014

The Powers That Be

I'm one of those people who only reluctantly pays bills online. Yes, I like the idea of saving nearly 50 cents in postage. And, like many folks, my bank offers free bill pay. So, what's the problem?  Deep down, after so many years of paying bills by writing a check and mailing it, this electronic payment stuff just doesn't feel right. So, I was out of town for two weeks and had to pay some things electronically as I wasn't around to mail off checks.  As luck would have it, when I returned, I checked and all of my bills were taken care off--except for the power bill.  When I logged on to my account with the power company I noticed my account was listed as delinquent. No payment had been posted.  Well, it was two am, I was tired after driving back from Arizona, so I paid it directly on the power company web site and went to bed.  Well, I wasn't wild about this. I checked the next morning and the bank showed the bill was paid.  Then I went back to the power company site and discovered there were now two payments and I now had a credit balance. Oy veh. 

So, as near as I can figure this out, the power company took about five days to post the first payment after they  got it. The  payment was actually there on time, they just didn't post it. I have no idea if they manually post electronic payments or if it's all done by voodoo. But the second payment that I made directly to them went in right away.  I guess it's better to be overpaid than sitting here in the dark with the power turned off. There just seems to be a disconnect between the theory of electronic bill payments and the reality of them. 

Well, I didn't have an image of an electric bill. This gas bill will just have to do.

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