Friday, May 2, 2014

The Tired Family

Gordon returns to the living room.
Betsy is knitting.  Grampa is sitting in his chair.

Grampa: Hey Timmy.

Betsy: It's Gordon, Grampa.

Grampa: Okay Timmy.

Gordon: Hon, there's a human head in the freezer?

Betsy: I know. I found it out in the yard. I thought I might make something out of it.

Gordon: Make something?

Betsy: Sure like a planter or something. Maybe a hummingbird feeder

Gordon: It's someone's head?

Betsy: Oh, they turn up all the time.

Gordon: [starts sniffing] Hon, your father is smelling a bit ripe.

Betsy: My father? My father died before I ever met you.

Gordon: Well, my dad's been in prison for the past 30 years.

Betsy: If he's not your father or mine, who the hell is this silly old coot we've been living with?

Grampa: I've pooped me britches.

[To be continued]

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