Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Vampires and Airships

Just got my contract for an anthology of vampire stories called These Vampires Don't Sparkle.  I gather there are actually going to be two volumes for this one. I'm in volume one.  This will be an ebook.  My story is "Crosses," about a vampire from Roman days who becomes obsessed with crosses.   No word yet on an actual release date.  Carol Hightshoe is the editor. This will be a Sky Warrior product and my first time publishing something with them.

Also recently signed a contract for my steampunk story "Toy Men" which is slated to come out next month in Penny Dread Tales IV.  I was invited to a signing in Denver for that one, but had to decline because of my work schedule. This one is an airship story and a dark look at Christmas. 

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