Sunday, June 29, 2014

Aches & Pains

As luck would have it, I've had a rough week. I had some swelling in my left leg. Now I've had swelling issues before, mainly because I only have one kidney (one was lost to cancer some time ago) and I'm more susceptible to this than normal folks. But, my doctor feared I could have a blood clot and talked me into going over to the local hospital for a scan.  I figured they couldn't possibly kill me doing an ultrasound--and blood clots can be serious. Well, the technician pressed down on my knee so blasted hard, my knee has been hurting terribly for the last three days. Whilst I officially had no sign of a blood clot, I almost wish I had so I could've died and  been out of my misery.

To that end, I ran into a neighbor at the grocery store yesterday.  As I lamented my aches and pains and heard about her worsening back problems, it occurred to me we sounded a lot like the elderly folks my dad hangs out with.  My mother used to say "old age is not for sissies."  I'm having a new found respect for that. At least I can be thankful that I'm not as bad off as a lot of people I know.  As we get older, it seems like we spend more and more time in the doctors office. 

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