Friday, June 20, 2014


It's cone zone time where I live. You can't go anywhere without some form of construction delay. Along the highway I use to come and go they're putting in fiber optic cable so more places can have better cable and phone service. Standing out in the sun breathing people's exhaust doesn't seem like a very good job to me. I guess it pays fairly well, though I don't know what they get to be a flag person and direct traffic.  

Yesterday, I was waiting, then the flagman motioned me forward.  There was a dump  truck right in my way, directly behind this guy. So I didn't move.  He kept waving his orange sign and I just set there. Finally, he come up to my car. "Why won't you go?"

"Turn around," said I.

"Screw you," said the frustrated flagman.

"Turn around," I repeated.

Finally, he turned around and saw the dump truck blocking the lane. He'd had no idea it was there. It eventually moved over and out of the way and I drove on.  Can't say as I was all that impressed. An idiot in a green vest with a slow/stop sign is still an idiot, me thinks.

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