Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I'm so glad I'm done with contracts for Steampunk Trails and Six Guns Straight From Hell 2.  Those are the two projects underway right now.  I have never come up with a system I'm happy with.  If you send them out already signed, invariably someone will not return one with their signature.  If you try one of the e-signature services,  they cost too much--I go for long periods of time where I simply do not need them, so I don't want to pay a monthly fee.  Mailing them back after the other party has signed is clumsy--especially for foreign writers.  So,  I guess I'll keep fumbling around until I come up with something I like.  

It's especially daunting with Steampunk Trails as the contracts for articles, short shorts and regular stories all have different terms.  Well, as Super Chicken would say, "You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred." I guess the solution to all this is to quit doing it and spend my days living in a bunker with a shotgun on my lap waiting for the apocalypse. 

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