Saturday, June 7, 2014


I sometimes wonder why they make different stamps. I don't mean different denominations, I mean different types of stamps. I was looking at work at some of the mail (slow night). There were a lot of them with the Star Spangled Banner. There were a few with Ray Charles.  And there were some with the American Flag. They're all forever stamps and each will do the same thing.  So, why all this variety?  Why not settle on one design, say George Washington, and just make that one?  Ah, the stamp collectors want variety.  And it's a tradition. 

Well, if that is the case, here are some stamps I'd like to see but probably never will:

Great tyrants in history. Acknowledged tyrants like Stalin, Hitler, George III, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein and so forth.  

Steaks: various pictures of different types of steaks: T-bone, sirloin, New York, chuck

Hot looking women. That would be popular,me thinks.

Crackpot inventions: The flying machines that didn't work, machines that simply exploded, and so forth. blood purifiers.

Light bulbs: There are so many different kinds.

Garbage trucks. I think this would be really popular, when I rattle on about garbage the hits on this very site go way up.

Flying saucers.  there's lots of pictures of them, put some on stamps.

Mythical monsters.  Bigfoot, Mothman, New Jersey Devil, etc.

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  1. At least in Canada, you're wish has been partly satisfied: