Sunday, July 27, 2014


She began to wonder if this was the right place.  Heather had never been down here in 31/2 years of attending Millard Fillmore High.  There had never been any reason. Who cared about  where the groundskeeper kept his rakes? Then she noticed the handwritten sign that read “chess club.” She went inside.  Nothing fancy, a few tables and chairs. There was an open cooler with a few iced down cans of Coca Cola. She picked one up and asked, “Can I have one of these?”

“Sure,” one of the bewildered boys replied.

There were three of them. She knew Kevin from geometry class.   The other two boys were sophomores. At least there weren’t any freshmen. They all looked bewildered. A girl was standing in the chess club. And not just any girl, Heather was the undisputed hottest girl in the school. 

What is she doing here? The boys were all silently wondering.

Heather took a seat at one of the tables, opened her can of coke and asked, “Does anyone want to play?”

Kevin cautiously took the opposing seat.  “We play a lot. We’re pretty good.”

“White or black?”

“You can have white,” Kevin answered. He opened his own can of soda and took a drink.

Heather took a sip of Coke and moved out the king’s pawn.

The next few moves were uneventful. A knight was traded for a bishop by Kevin. Then Heather stumbled and lost a rook.

“Ya know Kevin,” she whispered, though it wasn’t much of a whisper as it was loud enough that the other boys could easily hear, “if you let me win I’ll  give you a blow job.” She moved her queen. “Check.”

Kevin choked a bit. He could feel Coke coming out of his nose. His hands started shaking as he picked up his white bishop. Was this for real or some diabolical strategy to so unnerve him that he’d lose no matter what?  He thought for a moment. His hand lingered for a second. He nearly dropped the piece his hand was shaking so badly. He slid the bishop over and took her queen. “Checkmate.”

Heather chugged down her remaining soda.  “Thanks for the Coke.” She stood up and walked out of the chess room.

“What’s with you?” one of the guys asked.

“You idiot! Why didn’t you let her win?”

“I couldn’t,” Kevin answered. “This is chess.”

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