Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Power of T

I haven't complained about tea in a while.  Most of the prepackaged teas that come from the store are polluted with lemon or sugar or peach or all three.  I only drink tea that's just tea.  Enter the Brits.  This British lady decided to have a cup of tea at the hotel I work at.  We actually have tea. She said there was no milk, as if I would care about this revelation. I sort of grimaced.  "You put milk in your tea?"

She seemed shocked at my disgust.  Really shocked.  "We have coffee creamer," I offered.

She decided that would have to do and took the creamer and wondered off to the gates of hell or wherever she was from. The thought of polluting my cup of Earl Grey with milk makes me want to gag. The Brits and Australians practice of putting milk in tea simply makes me gag.  

McDonald's drive thru always tries to stick me with sweet iced tea instead of unsweet. I don't eat at McDonald's anymore. Leave my tea alone.

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