Friday, August 1, 2014

New Issue

As anyone who reads this blog should know by now, I am the publisher of Steampunk Trails magazine. The new issue has just been released.  Order a copy. Better yet, order 10.  Available from Amazon. and most online retailers.  Print edition is out now, ebook will be available August 15th.

The second issue of Steampunk Trails brings a world of steam and airships and clockwork contraptions within your grasp. Discover kidnapping schemes foiled, mutinies thwarted and what happens when the spring has sprung in a clockwork heart. Fly through the air with smugglers and pirates and honest captains. Read as legendary feats of human strength overcome soulless machines, and machines with souls protect their owners. Discover the true story of the Great Airship of 1897 and encounter some really short fiction all about fog machines. 

O.M. Grey, Peter J. Wacks, Lyn McConchie, David Boop, Jessica Brawner, Eric Aren,  Jeffery Cook, Katherine Perkins, Liam Hogan, Henry Ram, and more fill this issue with tales from all over the world and adventures sure to get your heart racing. 

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