Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Horrible adz

I am so sick of the horrible TV ads relentlessly attacking everyone running for office. But not for the reason one might think.  Most of these  ads are funded by outside interests flooding million of dollars to try and manipulate the election.No, it's not that they're vicious and dishonest. It's every single one of them says "for Colorado."  Too extreme for Colorado. Too stupid for Colorado. Not right for Colorado. Hell, we know what state we live in.  We don't really need to be told we live in Colorado. We already know that.  But they never end with too crooked or too ugly. Nope, it's ALWAYS for Colorado.   Frankly, if they took half of the words out of these ads they'd be more effective, but they're mass produced out of some hate mill ad agency somewhere. I think it's the people cranking out these ads who need to be reminded what state they're going to.  

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