Thursday, September 25, 2014


People in many creative vocations often complain about being pigeonholed or typecast   I recently learned I'm no exception.  I was talking to another writer about an anthology that came out a while back.  Frankly, I didn't think it was very good.  Then I mentioned I could've come up with  something far better than a lot of the stories in the book, had I known about it.  That brought a surprised reaction--very surprised.  I was informed I was never considered as a contributor because I only do weird westerns.  I was somewhat dumbfounded.  I guess that's become my label.  I'm the weird western guy.  Ironically, most weird western editors hate me because they don't think my work is dark enough.  I counted up my cumulative body of work. Only 20% of my published stories are weird westerns.  I've written steampunk. I've written all sorts of horror. And half of my stories are science fiction. But I am perceived as the weird western guy.  I guess my other material wasn't as memorable as I'd hoped.

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