Wednesday, September 17, 2014

You want fortune cookie?

I made an interesting observation while having lunch.  People weren't taking their fortune cookies. Most American Chinese restaurants give you a fortune cookie at the conclusion of your meal. I noticed about half the customers weren't taking them, but left them on the table.  I don't understand this for two reasons. First, I rather like them and don't understand why folks would pass on eating them. And, by walking away, they are choosing to remain ignorant of their fortune.

I am always reminded of the fellow in Oakland who read his fortune cookie that said "You're going to die soon." He stood up, went outside, then was run over by a taxi. He died on the way to the hospital. I was skeptical of this story, which surfaced way back when I lived in the area. Thinking it an urban myth, I later learned it was true. It was April first, April Fools Day, and the restaurant had obtained some "joke" fortune cookies from some place. Telling folks they're about to die seems a bit tasteless, but that was apparently the situation.  The cookie was right in this case.

The lingering, unanswered question is: Does the restaurant keep the orphaned cookies and give them back out or throw them away? They are individually wrapped. 

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