Thursday, October 9, 2014


I got my oil changed recently.  I don't really have a good place to change it myself, so I have it done by a mechanic.  I noticed that a local large store that sells everything had some oil that I thought I'd like to try--a synthetic blend. The problem is that very same store doesn't offer it if they do your oil change, then you have to get some other oil. And the place I usually get my oil change doesn't offer it either. So, the only way I can get the oil I want into my car is do it myself. See sentence two. So, I have Ford oil in my car.  I wanted the synthetic blend oil that comes in a five quart jug. But I have the Ford oil. It's not that there's anything wrong with the Ford oil. I just wanted the other oil and resent the fact that I can't have it.

I got to thinking that I could change my own oil.  The condo association frowns on people doing auto repairs on site. It occurred to me I could go to my former boss's house and change it in their driveway when they're not home.  And I could leave the used oil in the flower bed. This appealed to me, but might not play well with the local sheriff's department if I were discovered. I thought about changing it in the parking garage of another hotel down the street from where I work. They never close their access gate.  But most hotels have security cameras these days and I still might end up on the wrong side of the law.  So, I have Ford oil in my car.

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