Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dr Who Finale

If you haven't seen it, this blog contains spoilers about the Dr. Who 2 part season finale.  
Early on in this episode, I had a thought.  I think that woman is the Master.  Damn, I was right. I would've left the Master dead, as he died a heroic death and kind of redeemed all his treachery--or at least some of it.  Now, more nut job stories?  I don't know how it'll all turn out.

Speaking of Dr. Who, I was on a con panel about Dr. Who last spring and attended one in the audience last weekend at Mile Hi Con.  I just can't believe, with all the things that the doctor has been through, everyone is still stuck  with the old Tom Baker era doctors.  Damn, get with the program. I think Peter Capaldi has nailed the role of the Doctor.  I just love Clara, although her relationship has changed since the doctor regenerated.  

Same deal with the companions.  We were talking about this in the bar--which companion would you rather have sex with?  I said Clara, although I said I'd really like to do Amy and Clara in a threesome. Everyone else was  on the older era companions.  Rose would've been better than the older era.  Get with the program people.  The Doctor's aged over 1000 years since then.

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