Monday, November 3, 2014


I've lamented the demise of professional book reviewers many times.  Instead, we have people who post reviews on places like Goodreads and Amazon.  My problem with this, is the vicious nature of a lot of these postings.  There's also the matter of they never seem to give an example for why this book is so horrible--they just say it is.  This has always left me wondering if these people even read the book at all.  There are a  lot of books that I'm familiar with, some because I've read them because I know the author, others from back when I was on the Stoker Awards anthology jury.  So, when I see a mean spirited review ripping a book that really wasn't all that bad, I wonder about the motives of the reviewers.

People have a right to their opinion.  What I'm saying is a lot of these reviews maybe be something besides what they seem. 

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