Monday, November 24, 2014


I've said it before.  Nobody can cook a turkey better than I can.  I really mean it.  My turkeys are awesome.  I usually cook them over mesquite charcoal.  They're moist and delicious. Even  if you want your turkey in the oven, let me offer a couple of tips that will improve your experience. 

First, don't stuff the turkey. It'll cook so much better if you do the stuffing on the stove top. Your stuffing will taste just as good and the bird will cook much better. I mean it. Trust me on this.

Second, if you cook over charcoal additional seasonings are not really necessary. If you want to use the oven, season the darned thing.  There are plenty of seasonings. Use whatever you like, but put it inside and out.  Barbecue sauce works very well, but don't put it on too soon or it'll burn.  

Last, don't get too big a bird.  Frankly, the larger turkeys are the ones that usually turn out dry when served because it simply takes forever to cook them and they get dried out.  

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  1. Guess I'm coming to your place for Thanksgiving. I love good turkey.

    Happy Thanksgiving!