Sunday, November 9, 2014


Around where I live a lot of the fishing is artificial lures only.  There's a tendency with trout to swallow bait so far down that the fish will die if it's thrown back.  As they want to encourage catch and release, they require lures as they tend to hook the fish in the mouth area. But there are places in Colorado where you can use bait, especially in lakes.  So, I was surprised to see some Styrofoam worm containers that departing guests at the hotel I work at had left on their back porch.  I was really surprised that people were surprised that I interceded when housekeeping was going to dump the containers in the trash. I took said containers over to the garden area and dumped out the worms.  I know they're just worms, but they're living creatures and I saw no reason for them to be crushed to death in a trash compactor.A garbage dump might be heaven to a worm, but the way they compact them nowadays I think it more likely they would be crushed. So I let them go and do worm stuff in the ground.   

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